2015 | Real-Time Stock Market Data Visualization

BASHIBA Panorama is a customizable real-time data visualization engine that can be connected to any type of relevant information that requires permanent monitoring and is subject to change (financial data, traffic data, performance data, cybersecurity data, KPIs, etc...).

Information is transformed from individual data streams into competing environmental forces, which affect the scenery in subtle and often surprising ways.

Trends and eventual problems appear as anomalies in the weather conditions and the surface of the sea. The BASHIBA Panorama is instinctively legible and transits emotional sensations together with vital information.

BASHIBA transforms real-time data streams into immersive environments, in the realms of business and culture. By visualizing complex data sets through metaphoric language, formerly indiscernible relations, developments, and risks become perceivable.

BASHIBA Panorama, presented here, shows the opening of the Standard & Poor market index of the US stock market during the Black Monday of the 24th of August 2015. The changes in the Standard & Poor Index, the volatility and anxiety of the market are expressed in ocean waves, cloud transformations, wind and sun strength, thus forming a single, moving image.

We are not outside observers of this ocean landscape, but are catapulted over it in a flight pattern, whose height and speed equally represent market performance, and remind us in an emotional way what flying above stormy water could feel like. In this way we enable the viewer to have an emotional experience of market risk (systematic risk).

We offer companies the possibility to have virtual windows on a beautiful landscape that reacts in real-time to company data changes. Developments of the stock market, for instance, become perceivable by cloud transformations, size and speed of ocean waves, wind and sun strength, to name a few. The result is a beautiful, developing scene in which observers (e.g. traders) can monitor several streams of background information using their peripheral vision. 

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