video design // switzerland


Five extraordinary artists interpret a show in which the theatrical power is combined with a poetic narration with a dreamlike flavor, in absolute harmony with the physical theater and the aerial dance. Twin sisters, who grew up together in an “eccentric” family, yet so similar to everyone’s, touch each other, brush against one another, sometimes thread on each other, and then rediscover themselves in an embrace full of joy and newfound freedom. An acrobatic and theatrical game made possible by an innovative flight system, together with an installation of interactive lights intertwined with the narrative and a powerful sound universe, together compose this magical and surreal show.

// Creators
Daniele Finzi Pasca Autore, regista, designer luci 
Maria Bonzanigo Musiche 
Hugo Gargiulo Scenografia e accessori 
Giovanna Buzzi Costumi 
Roberto Vitalini per Video Designer 
Marzio Picchetti Direttore di produzione, co-designer luci 
Matteo Verlicchi Scenografo associato 

 // On Stage
Melissa Vettore
Beatriz Sayad
Jess Gardolin
Micol Veglia
Francesco Lanciotti



NUDA is a joyful, lively and light-weighted show full of brightness and deep emotions, in which the theatrical power of a narrative combines in absolute harmony with the physical theatre and aerial dance of five exceptional artists.
The show is inspired by the novel Nuda written by Daniele Finzi Pasca in 2014.




video scenography
creative direction
generative art
A/V performance


mobile: +41 79 669 40 15