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May 2017: AVUDO Multimedia Show, Montréal, Canada. Work for Compagnia Finzi Pasca
Show Information:

BASHIBA Seascape
November 2016: BASHIBA Theatrical Seascape

BASHIBA Panorama is a customizable real-time data visualization engine that can be connected to any type of relevant information that requires permanent monitoring and is subject to change (financial data, traffic data, performance data, cybersecurity data, KPIs, etc...). Information is transformed from individual data streams into competing environmental forces, which affect the scenery in subtle and often surprising ways. Trends and eventual problems appear as anomalies in the weather conditions and the surface of the sea. The BASHIBA Panorama is instinctively legible and transits emotional sensations together with vital information.

August 2015, Real-Time data Metaphor, Opening of the US Stock Market!

BASHIBA Panorama
BASHIBA Panorama @ Turner Contemporary  October 2015 - January 2016, BASHIBA Panorama @ Turner Contemporary | Risk Exhibition

"A cloud masses, the sky darkens, leaves twist upward, and we know that it will rain. We also know that after the storm, the runoff will feed into groundwater miles away, and the sky will grow clear by tomorrow. All of these events are distant in time and space, and yet they are all connected within the same pattern. Each has an influence on the rest, and influence that is usually hidden from view. You can only understand the system of a rainstorm by contemplating the whole, not any individual part of the pattern.
Businesses and other human endeavors are also systems. They, too, are bound by invisible fabrics of interrelated actions, which often take years to fully play out their effects on each other. Since we are part of that lacework ourselves, it's doubly hard to see the whole pattern of change. Instead we tend to focus on snapshots of isolated parts of the system, and wonder why our deepest problems never seem to get solved."
(Peter Senge, The Fifth Discipline, 1990, p.10).

BASHIBA transforms real-time data streams into immersive environments, in the realms of business and culture. By visualizing complex data sets through metaphoric language, formerly indiscernible relations, developments, and risks become perceivable. BASHIBA Panorama, presented here, shows the opening of the Standard & Poor market index of the US stock market during the Black Monday of the 24th of August 2015. The changes in the Standard & Poor Index, the volatility and anxiety of the market are expressed in ocean waves, cloud transformations, wind and sun strength, thus forming a single, moving image. We are not outside observers of this ocean landscape, but are catapulted over it in a flight pattern, whose height and speed equally represent market performance, and remind us in an emotional way what flying above stormy water could feel like. In this way we enable the viewer to have an emotional experience of market risk (systematic risk).

"The focus is more and more on hazards which are neither visible nor perceptible to the victims; hazards that in some cases may not even take effect within the lifespans of those affected, but instead during those of their children; hazards in any case that require the ‘sensory organs’ of science – theories, experiments, measuring instruments – in order to become visible or interpretable as hazards at all. “
(Ulrich Beck, The Risk Society, 1992, p. 27)

BASHIBA Panorama Live Demonstration
In business environments, we tend to double-check and re-read variables that in moments of crisis might be irrelevant. BASHIBA Panorama has been built as a natural visual complement so that you and your team can share a common picture of reality and openly discuss counter-measures.
BASHIBA Panorama   BASHIBA Panorama Video on Vimeo (24.08.2015)
BASHIBA Panorama   BASHIBA Panorama Photos on Flickr (24.08.2015)
BASHIBA Panorama   BASHIBA Panorama Meeting with Peter Greenaway (06.07.2010)
BASHIBA Panorama Finance   BASHIBA Panorama from Vision to Reality, one page, one image
The New York Times: Data as Art, as Science, as a Reason for Being   The New York Times: Data as Art, as Science, as a Reason for Being

How Algorithms Shape our World - Kevin Slavin



BASHIBA Panorama
February 3, 2010: FONDS'10 - The Swiss Financial Trade Fair, Zürich, Switzerland
Swiss & Global Asset Management, the exclusive manager of Julius Bär Funds, is showing on their stand, a new way of presenting financial information: two virtual climates, evolving side by side empower the observers to effortlessly understand the differences in performance and volatility between the MSCI World Index and the Julius Bär Energy Transition Fund.
BASHIBA Panorama @ Turner Contemporary   October 2015 - January 2016 | Turner Contemporary | Risk Exhibition
BASHIBA Panorama   BASHIBA Panorama Meeting with Peter Greenaway (06.07.2010)
BASHIBA Panorama Splitscreen Image   Wednesday, February 03, 2010: BASHIBA Panorama at FONDS'10 (Picture)  (YouTube)
BASHIBA PANORAMA Article in the Danish K Magazine   May 2009: BASHIBA Panorama in the Danish "K" Magazine (pdf format :: 0.8 MB) | K online |
BASHIBA PANORAMA Article in the SDR   November 2008: BASHIBA Panorama Article in the Swiss Derivatives Review (pdf format :: 0.2 MB)

BASHIBA offers companies the possibility to have virtual windows on a beautiful landscape that reacts in real-time to company data changes. Developments of the stock market, for instance, become perceivable by cloud transformations, size and speed of ocean waves, wind and sun strength, to name a few. The result is a beautiful, developing scene in which observers (e.g. traders) can monitor several streams of background information using their peripheral vision.
BASHIBA PANORAMA 02 JULY 2009 FTSE CLIMATE   Thursday, July 02, 2009: BASHIBA PANORAMA FTSE 100 climate
BASHIBA PANORAMA 10 OCT 2008 NASDAQ CLIMATE   Friday, October 10, 2008: BASHIBA PANORAMA Nasdaq climate at 2pm and at 4pm
BASHIBA PANORAMA Google Tech Talk   Google Tech Talk, June 26th 2008, Mountain View, USA
BASHIBA PANORAMA Overview   BASHIBA PANORAMA Overview (pdf format :: 1 MB)
BASHIBA PANORAMA on FRAPA   BASHIBA PANORAMA IP: TV Format Protected | 13.07.2007 Self-Generating TV Channel
emptyBASHIBA PANORAMA Simulation Engine by Phobyx GmbH&Co.KG
emptyRobert Frunzke, Senior Developer

emptyUrsprünglich 1993 als Unterhaltungssoftwareentwickler gegründet erstarb die Phobyx 1996 mit dem
emptyUntergang der damaligen Atari Corporation (Atari ist inzwischen eine Marke der Atari Inc, zuvor bekannt
emptyals Infogrames). 2003 erweckte der damalige Partner und heutige Geschäftsführer Gerrit Meyer das
emptyUnternehmen erneut zum Leben, zunächst wieder als Unterhaltungssoftwareentwickler.
BASHIBA PANORAMA Inventor   BASHIBA PANORAMA IP: Patent Filed | 31.05.2006 Instinkt Kommunikations Kanal Hyperoberflaeche

In these videos, the virtual landscape is influenced in real-time by financial information. Day and night cycles, star positions and moon phases are calculated to match the ones of the market we are currently watching. In the middle of the night, we can still "breathe" the closing of the market.
BASHIBA Panorama Splitscreen Video   05 February 2010: BASHIBA Panorama Simple Complexity SplitScreen (YouTube)
BASHIBA PANORAMA US Market Opening   22 September 2009: BASHIBA PANORAMA US Market Opening (YouTube :: 240 seconds)
BASHIBA PANORAMA Swiss Market Index Climate   10 September 2009: BASHIBA PANORAMA Swiss Market Index Climate (YouTube :: 180 seconds)
BASHIBA PANORAMA World Markets 6 October 2008   06 October 2008: BASHIBA PANORAMA World Markets (YouTube :: 90 seconds)
BASHIBA PANORAMA World Markets 17 September 2008   17 September 2008: BASHIBA PANORAMA Installation World Markets (YouTube ) (Picture)
BASHIBA PANORAMA World Markets 15 September 2008   15 September 2008: BASHIBA PANORAMA Installation World Markets (YouTube )

In a participative environment where knowledge is shared, solutions to emerging problems come at a faster pace.
We deliver elegant peripheral awareness solutions that combine system awareness and mutual awareness with other users.

BASHIBA Panorama Benefits:
Facilitate the information-sharing behaviours that are critical to coordinative efforts
Reveal Patterns and Trends of Massive Amounts of Real-Time Data on the Fly
Transform Information into Insight
Reduce Cognitive Load
Feel the Mood of your Information Environment
Increase Awareness and Responsiveness to Multivariable Data Changes
Avoid Paralysis by Analysis (information overload)
"In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act."
George Orwell

The New York Times, The Age of Big Data   11 February 2012: The Age of Big Data by Steve Lohr, The New York Times
MINE   MINE: maximal information-based nonparametric exploration statistics
The Atlantic   12 December 2011: Connecting the Dots: Finding Patterns in Large Piles of Numbers
emptyby Rebecca J. Rosen, The Atlantic

Mathieu LEHANNEUR   Mathieu LEHANNEUR's Demain est un Autre Jour (Tomorrow is Another Day)
emptyThis device eludes the course of time by offering everyone the opportunity to see tomorrow's sky.

Google Think Quarterly   28 March 2011: Google Think Quarterly
emptyThis first issue focuses primarily on data, including data obesity, data impotence and data overload.

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