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July 2004: CrossPlay is a novel machine-like software system that allows players to compete across different games. Each player in a session chooses a game and competes with one or more opponents. Once the game begins the system analyses the degree of success in each player’s moves and in response, influences the difficulty of his/her opponent’s game. Game and player profiling allow for real-time handicapping to account for asymmetrical abilities.  
As the element of specific shared interests ceases to be important, it will be possible to create even larger communities where people can play, compete and interact with one another. Having different interests will no longer be a limitation.
A platform that enables users to compete in real-time across different games.
Different games, different look & feel but the same Match!
  CrossPlay Vision
  CrossPlay Overview
  Intellectual Property
Crossplay was born from an experimental project which BASHIBA financed, a Flash-based multi-player game envisioned by Edoardo Zubler. After an initial investment we began to question what makes a perfect game. Clearly the perfect game is relative to the player, not the game. This reflection is based on a broad set of ideas that BASHIBA has been concentrating on under the title of EmoTuning. EmoTuning allows systems to react not only to what we know, but to what we feel. The immediate result of this was a realization that the best form of customization is to allow the player to play whatever game they choose (and this happened in a lively discussion between Roberto and Edo in July 2004). We abandoned the previous project and started the new revolutionary prototype from scratch. BASHIBA Crossplay was born.
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